Innovation, Development and Technical Services


Our state-of-the-art R&D labs and experienced Technical staff is able to create products to customer specification, by replicating or developing products from concept to proof; and utilize our in-house formulation library to assist our customers to compete on a global scale in a constantly changing regulatory backdrop.


Our R&D labs are equipped with research and analytical instrumentation and assists our experiences chemists to improve upon existing product characteristics or develop new ones. We develop, design, prototype and validate products for the personal care, household, industrial, sporting goods and defense markets. Our technical team will help you from formulation selection to performance and dispensing options while keeping market economics in mind.


Technical Services offered:

Contract Development & Manufacturing

Innovation & Development 

Transfer of Technology

Method Development and Validation

510(k) submission assistance

ANDA transfer of site and manufacturing

Product design and development

Formulation development/ redevelopment

Product data analysis

Clinincal Supplies Scope

Propellant changes to meet regulatory requirement

Packaging stability and validation studies

Test method  development and transfer using:

High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

Gas Chromatography with Flame Ionization (GC)

Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectrometer (FTIR)

Stability Chambers (Room temperature/ Accelerated)

Freeze Thaw Test Cycles

Emulsion Stability

Karl Fisher Titrator and Coulometer

Viscosity (low and high viscosities)

pH Meter(s), Refractive Index Meter

Onsite Rapid Microbial (USP 61/62)

Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing (USP 51) - External


Regulatory Assistance and Consulting:

  • Consumer Products Regulations for Marketers- VOC, CPSC, DOT, GHS, WHIMS, ReACH

  • Chemical Products Manufacturing Regulations - FDA, EPA. CHPA, TTB DOT, DfE, OSHA

We provide technical services including:
  • Product data analysis

  • Clinincal Supplies Scope

  • Custom product formulations

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Technology Transfer

  • Formula modifications and redevelopment

  • Product & Packaging Validation

  • New product innovations, technologies and collaboration

  • Product appearance and performance attributes​

  • Product samples and lifecycle stability testing

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