Health, Safety, Environmental & Quality Policy


Every Tri-Pac employee is committed to:


  • Ensuring customer satisfaction by providing quality products and services that meet or exceed customer requirements

  • Ensuring strict compliance with laws, regulations and other requirements pertaining to the quality, safety and environmental performance

  • Preventing any employee or interested party from injury or ill health

  • Continuous improvement in the effectiveness of the quality/environmental/ health & safety management system

  • Incorporating pollution prevention and safety measure efforts during product design, process design and plant operations to with the goal to:

    • reduce the generation of waste and emissions

    • reuse when possible

    • recycle when practical

Quality Assurance

Tri Pac provides full-service quality control capabilities. We can incorporate

customer quality systems into our operations.

Our Quality Assurance systems include:

  • Compliance/ Certification to FDA 21CFR 210/ 211/ 820, cGMP, ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 13485:2016, WHO GMP, ISO 22716 & MIL STD 1916

  • Incoming, in-process and final product release protocols

  • Validated production and laboratory systems

  • ​Specification and documentation control and lot traceability record management

  • Core Tools - FMEA, , PFMEAA, SPC

  • Ongoing audits and closed-loop corrective action system

  • Onsite wet chemistry laboratory facilities scaled to fully integrate with your testing requirements

  • Onsite Microbial Analysis for yeast, mold and bacteria testing

Tri Pac provides efficient service, giving you the most value for your packaging investment. Every product has its specifications listed in our Total Service Manual. The Total Service Manual guides your products from incoming quality inspection, formulation and all the way through manufacturing.

Our inspection process meets rigorous industry standards. We ensure precision throughout all stages of your product's development. Our plant operates under current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) procedures and conforms to both local and international regulatory authorities and national compliance agencies.



 Testing System​

​Physical testing​

Wet Chemistry​

Microbial Analysis

Process Check

Match product formulation​

Testing of raw and packaging materials​

Product analysis

Compliance Control​​

Ongoing monitoring of product and process performance​

Regulatory compliance -local & international

Fully Equipped Lab

Qualified and calibrated equipment​

Qualified analysts-supervisor team  

Plant Safety


  • OSHA Compliant, EPA Registered facility

  • ISO 14001 Registered and ISO 18001 Compliant

  • Responsible Care Management System Compliant

  • Explosion Rated - Filling equipment, motors, pumps

  • Explosion Rated - Air Handling Units for Clean Rooms

  • Explosion Rated - Tank load cells, Tank pumps, Motors, Lights

  • Explosion Rated - Chemical Storage Area

  • Flame Ionization Detector to monitor LEL content in every fill room/ chemical areas

  • Explosion Rated - Gas House with LEL monitoring, IEP Explosion Detection

  • Explosion Rated - Exhaust & venting systems integrated with LEL Detectors

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