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contract packaging
​Aerosol Filling

Tri Pac offers contract development and manufacturing of consumer & healthcare aerosol products in foams, sprays, gels and powder formats. We are a value-add turnkey filling and development partner to otc, medical device, personal care and cosmetics to branded marketers. 

About Our Aerosol Services

As a contract development and manufacturing partner, we have solved many challenges faced with developing aerosol products in the over-the-counter, medical device and personal care. Our clients rely on our expertise and track record to deliver customized aerosol manufacturing and dispensing solutions for unique topical and oral products.


We are Customer focused, Quality Driven.


FDA Site Establishment | Medical Device, OTC & Cosmetics

UL 21 CFR 210/211, Canada FDR

ISO 13485, ISO 22716, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 Certified Facility

ISO 18001 & RCMS Compliant

ITAR Registered Broker/ Manufacturer

Custom Production Lines

Bag-on-Valve technology


Metered valve design 


Propellant free aerosol pump

Product Categories filled

  • Topical, oral & hair

  • Foams

  • Self-foaming

  • Spray mists

  • Powder sprays

  • 360 sprays


Technology In-Line

ISO 7 Cleanroom (Fill)

Vision Systems for code, label & packout detection/ confirmation

Mettler Toledo Checkweigher

Unique Device Identifier (UDI) Printing & Verification

Serialize & Aggregator (Optel/ Domino)

Custom Blending

Alcohol/ Flammable

Water Based & Microbial Sensitive

Emulsions & Suspensions


Secondary Packaging Options

Roll fed-labeling capabilities

Shrink Sleeving

Bundling Capability


Contact us for more information about our aerosol filling services or other contract manufacturing services.

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Classified Manufacturing Areas

  • ISO Class 7 (10,000) Fill Room

  • ISO Class 8 (100,000) Packaging Area

  • ISO Class 8 (100,000) Compounding

Total Service Manufacturing:

  • Project management

  • Forecast & Trends

  • Sourcing & Vendor Qualification

  • Formulation Development & Stability

  • Product/ Process Qualification

  • Product/ Process Validation

  • Analytical Information

  • Supply Chain Assistance 

  • Manufacturing

  • Quality Inspection

  • ​Distribution & Warehousing


  • AP31/ AP70

  • Dimethyl Ether

  • HFC 152A

  • HFA 134 a/P

  • 245fa

  • HFO-1234ze/ yf

  • Compressed gases

  • Inline Propellant blending

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